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Jason Van Velzen is a singer/songwriter making his way from a little place called Zoetermeer, The Netherlands. Jason is passionate about music and works hard to achieve his dreams of becoming a successful artist.

Jason currently has four releases under his belt and is expanding his fanbase on YouTube, Instagram, and is releasing music including an album he wrote two years ago. Stay tuned on his social media or join the newsletter today.

Jason Van Velzen was born on July 24, 1994 Rijswijk, South of Holland, in The Netherlands. When Jason was young, he was constantly influenced by his parents to pursuit a career in music. That is what he did. His Father(Herman Van Velzen) and mother(Helena Bongers) were divorced and his father Herman moved into a new house and built a studio for his work as a creative producer, creating and recording professional commercials and jingles for radio and television. Jason stood in the studio age six singing along to Robbie Williams and rapping with friends to the Dutch celebrity-rapper 'Ali B'. Jason grew up with all sorts of music. His parents were always blasting music through the living room. When Jason turned age twelve his brother Joeri started rebelling and constantly listened to hardrock and metal in his room. Of course, taking his example, Jason listened along. That further drove his interest in music, learning from a young age that music is an outlet, a source of inspiration and freedom. Jason said: "The big drums, the heavy guitars, the lead vocals. That was an eye-opener for me."


During that period Jasons' brother picked up the guitar. Jason was sold on that. However, His mother put Jason on keyboard lessons and he absolutely loved it. However, when a girl came in to take guitar lessons, Jason was in love with the guitar. He loved the way it looked. Three years later at age fifteen Jason bought his first guitar. It was a cheap nylon-string guitar he got from a store in The Netherlands called 'Kijkshop'. They mainly sell home appliances and tools, even jewelry. Jason said "So you can guess the quality wasn't the best. But hey, for 80 bucks I carried it home on my bike, as a Dutchman does. I was very proud. I just didn't know how to play the darn thing. That's when my brother taught me the first few chords. After that I started doodling on my own. A year later I bought my first electric guitar and still not really knowing how to play, I wrote one of my first girlfriends a song. She loved it. I was just messing around, but she truly liked it. And so did I. And that's how I knew, I had to do this."

"Whenever I write a song, I have multiple approaches. One of my favorite approaches is sitting with friends, turning on the recorder, and jam. Jam until something sparks, something happens. That's when I know I'm on the right track and need to start polishing. I then take the words that were most clear and think further about the subject. Although sometimes I'm already deeply in the process because I've made up a theme beforehand. (Or "we", if I'm writing together with a songwriting-partner). I think this approach works well because I'm a pleaser, and I like showing off my ability to write songs and perform. So anytime I'm with somebody or a writing session I always do my best to entertain and write the best possible song. But of course I go with the flow and I love the entire process. I know something good happens when the energy shifts. When I become highly energized and thrilled to finish the project. That's when I think I know I have a good song."

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