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If I Stay Anchor
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Jason just released his second single: If I Stay.

Jason has just released his first single: If I Stay. He wrote this song during the pandemic in the Marriott Bonvoy hotel in Ballston Virginia. It's a very personal song to him, because at the time he was feeling homesick, missing his friends and family. Also about his relationship because of covid. "There was so much stress going on that it really put pressure on both of us, it all turned out great, though."

Live stream 1
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Jason plays on High Plateau Productions' live stream.

I've recently performed at a livestream for high plateau productions. It's very strange in the beginning to sit in front of a camera and sing, with no faces in front of you. But eventually I got used to it, because whenever I practice I also sit in my room, jamming. It felt just like that. In a way it was very comfortable. I answered a bunch of questions the audience asked me and the vibe was really nice. We will upload the video content on Instagram soon so stay tuned.

Lovely Life

Jason released his first single, lovely life.

I've released my first single Lovely Life. This is a song I wrote about a year ago, I dedicate this song to my wife and our happy life! When I went back to Holland to see my friends and family I came by my dads' apartment and I played him a few of my songs. He said, play that song again! (Lovely Life). When I did, he said I had to record it in his home studio. So that's what we did and I'm very proud of the outcome! It took me 2 takes to sing the song! 

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